How to Care for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors

Time, Stains, Spills, and Traffic will take their toll on hardwood floors.  The correct maintenance will ensure it remains beautiful and a timeless element in your home. Cleaners Manufacturers of pre-finished hardwood floors recommend their specific products for the best care.  Floors with a … [Read more...]

Skylights & Sun Tunnels


Skylights have always been a great addition to a home to allow more light into rooms that dont have alot of light, the downfall being the sometimes long tunnels.  Then came along the reflective tunnel skylight which they are great for adding light into a bath room, laundry room or other room you … [Read more...]

Outdoor Living


Outdoor living has became very popular in the recent years.  It is an easy way to add an area to entertain without always having to add to the size of your home. Decks and patios are the two easiest ways to add space to your outdoor living area.  Decks do not have to be conventional treated … [Read more...]

Interior Noise in a Home

Very few things are as important as getting a good night sleep.  All home plans and families vary but interior noise may be an issue.  No one wants to have the kids wake up while doing laundry, to be heard in the bathroom while entertaining, nor do you want to do dishes or laundry around the kids … [Read more...]

Adding a Mudroom to your Home.


Usually people assume that a home addition need to be large or expensive. Thats not the case, as a mudroom can be an economical addition to your home. Sometimes you can add a mudroom to your home within the existing space of your home, or a small addition can help create or expand it and … [Read more...]