Ice Dams & What To Do!


During a snow winter many homes are plagured by ice dams. An ice dam forms when the heat from your home escapes into your attic and melts the snow on your roof. The water will then trickle down your roof until it reaches the cold of an overhang, which it then freezes. Over time the Ice will … [Read more...]

Improve Air Quality in Homes

Tighter homes and more stringent residential energy-use standards are putting whole-house heat- and energy-recovery ventilators in the spotlight. Soon homes that will meet Energy Star standard will require to provide an adequate amount of outside fresh air intercalation but because it is not … [Read more...]

Get your Energy Tax Credit, while it lasts!

You can receive up to $1500.00 tax credit for eligible upgrades to your home. You can upgrade the efficiency of your home and save money in the long term on your utility bills and receive a Federal Tax Credit for completing the upgrade. Items would include HVAC, Insulation, Doors & … [Read more...]

Foam Insulation


When someone says “Green” or “Energy Star” there are a lot of things that most people think. Many are not sure exactly what it all means but most want to lower their energy cost/usage. When someone refers to insulation most think of the traditional insulation methods of batt insulation or blown in … [Read more...]