The New Home Process

All our homes can be customized to suit with many of our home plans being available in our other communities. Your plans or ours!

Our 6 Step Process

1.  Initial Visit.

A Modern Homes representative will sit down with you and discuss your needs and desired budget.  At this time we will discuss a plan for your home.  We specialize in design/build. You can modify one of our floor plans or a floor plan that you provide.

2. Overview Budget.

We will review the basics of the  project and then will present you with a general but realistic overview of your new home – its size, scope, timing, and budget. Now you will have a “ballpark” idea of what your job will take.

3. The architectural design phase begins.

Depending on the nature of your project a fee should be required for architectural design service.

4. Architectural Design.

The plans for your home will first happen on paper. After meeting with you, we will combine efforts and deliver an imaginative, cost effective blueprint for your home. This will all be modified of course, so it matches your needs.

5. Bidding, Estimating and Selections.

Our estimators will work to find the best prices on every part of your project, plus additional items and materials you have selected. You can also select all the items for your home – color, bricks, woods, surfaces, faucets, hinges- at various vendors or at our in house design showroom, whatever works better for you. You will also now get your final prices and make final adjustments. This is all done prior to the construction phase so your house will not be disturbed any longer than necessary.

6. Contract and Construction.

Finally, your new home will begin. Your dreams will start to unfold before your eyes. And when we are finished, you will have everything you want, and a solid investment that will nearly always appreciate over time-and a great value!