Our Story

Hometown Construction was started in Waukegan Illinois in 1948 by Wayman (Bill) Lolmaugh.

In the Early 1950’s Gerald Lolmaugh joined his father in the construction business and the name was changed to Modern Home Builders. Then several years later, Jack joined his Wayman from Modern Homesbrother and father in the business also. Throughout those early years and up until 1972 the Lolmaugh Family built approximately 2,000 Family oriented custom homes throughout Northern Lake County area. During this time Bill Lolmaugh split off from Modern Homes Builders and formed a concrete company, which he ran till his retirement in the early 1980’s.

Following his marriage to Patricia in 1972, Guy (Gerald’s Son) and his new wife took over Modern Home Builders when Gerald and Jack retired from the building business and have been running the company ever since. Modern Homes, Inc. has a specialty, which is building quality semi-custom and custom homes. We also understand that building a new home is not always an option for everyone. Many times it is more practical to remodel and modify your existing home. We offer this service to those who want to take advantage of our expertise and quality that Modern Homes, Inc. offers in this industry. Because we specialize in these types of homes and remodeling projects we have developed many unique methods in order to build a quality semi custom and custom Wayman from Modern Homes home for a price that people can still afford. On a yearly basis, Modern Homes builds anywhere from 40-60 semi-custom and custom homes. This gives us tremendous buying power, which we can then pass along to our customers.

Through our many years of being in the home building business in the Northern Lake County and Southern Kenosha Counties, Modern Homes has gained the respect of the building officials in all the communities in which we build. It doesn’t take them long to realize it is our goal to build a quality semi custom and custom home, many times complementing our work and staff.

It is a common thing at Modern Homes, Inc. to design new plans or modify existing plans to suit each family’s needs and requirements and to build them a beautiful home that they can live in and be proud of for many years to come.

Since Taking over Modern Homes, Inc. Guy, Patti and Family have built in excess of 2,000 homes in Northern Lake County and Southern Wisconsin in addition to numerous remodeling projects. During this time, they have worked with many of the prominent business people in the area including but not limited to; attorneys, realtors, loan companies, and bankers just to name a few. It can be extremely helpful to a home buyer to be building with a contractor that is well known for honesty, integrity and that is an established member of the construction community in Northern Lake County and southern Kenosha Counties for over 35 years. On most occasions your attorney and mortgage company will have worked with Modern Homes, Inc. at some time and will be aware of our fine reputation. This will help give you a piece of mind that you are choosing the right builder.

Modern Homes, Inc. has been members of the National Home Builder’s Association, Greater Chicago Home Builder’s Association, Lake County Home Builders Association., Kenosha County Home Builders Association and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry in fine standing for many years.